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Valedictory Debate ( 5 Tach 2019)

Steve Pound: May I begin by apologising, Madam Deputy Speaker, because there has been so much Northern Irish business over the past week that I have made my farewell speech 15 times? I am now known as the Dame Nellie Melba of west London. If anyone wishes to say any nice things about me, please let them not feel constrained by the fact that they have been said a few times already. I leave this House with...

Valedictory Debate ( 5 Tach 2019)

Steve Pound: Even when I was making my speech to the Strangford Democratic Unionist party, he wanted to intervene on me! On that particular occasion I said, “Is there anything to drink?” He said, “Yes, orange juice.” I said, “Any particular sort?” He said, “Bitter orange juice.” And then there is the hon. Member for Ribble Valley (Mr Evans), with whom I bonded in Hong Kong. There are...

Historical Institutional Abuse (Northern Ireland) Bill [Lords] ( 5 Tach 2019)

Steve Pound: I have to say that this is not an easy day to be in the House—it is not an easy time to hear the Secretary of State’s words—and I pay wholehearted tribute to him for quite simply one of the most powerful speeches I have ever heard in my 22 years on these Benches. He spoke from the heart and he spoke from a deep humanity. We have to pay tribute to him for those words, which were...

Tributes to the Speaker’s Chaplain (31 Hyd 2019)

Steve Pound: I appreciate that you, Mr Speaker, are occasionally someone who believes in constructive iconoclasm. This is the sort of occasion when I say to myself, “Would it not be wonderful if, just for once, we could not sit as Robespierre demanded we sit in the revolutionary council, on the left and the right, but we all sat together, on one side or the other?” I say that because today we are not...

Northern Ireland Budget Bill (30 Hyd 2019)

Steve Pound: I think it would be appropriate at this time to mention the debt of gratitude that the House owes to the right hon. Member for South Ruislip and Northwood, who is also leaving the House. I just want to place on record the Opposition’s appreciation for his work. In the short time that he has held this brief, he has immersed himself in it and has won the respect of Members on both sides of...

Northern Ireland Budget Bill (30 Hyd 2019)

Steve Pound: It is a source of great sadness to me and, I think, to everyone both inside and outside the Chamber tonight that such an important piece of legislation is being discussed so briefly. It is also a source of sadness that we have to legislate in this House for matters, which, entirely, should be the province of Northern Ireland. I am also concerned that we are probably failing in the scrutiny...

Northern Ireland Budget Bill (30 Hyd 2019)

Steve Pound: I am not entirely sure that I accept that. I am obviously grateful to my good friend and colleague. However, I was slightly knocked back by the extraordinary comment of the hon. Member for North Dorset (Simon Hoare), who compared me with a prehistoric ruin on the North Antrim coast. I am quite proud to be compared with the Giant’s causeway, but if I were to be any feature of the Northern...

Northern Ireland: Leaving the EU: Peace in Northern Ireland (30 Hyd 2019)

Steve Pound: I thank the Secretary of State for his most generous words. I have to say, the warmth and kindness he displayed are not normally characteristics of the Whips Office, which made them doubly welcome. This is a bittersweet occasion, but for me the bitterness is assuaged by the sweetness of the 21 years I have worked in Northern Ireland, in that most beautiful part of the world, with some of the...

Endometriosis Workplace Support: Northern Ireland Economy and Innovation: Government Support (29 Hyd 2019)

Steve Pound: The Minister is making an extremely powerful point. There are occasions when the Government can stand by and simply encourage—when they do not have to finance initiatives. Will he give credit to Thales, which I mentioned earlier, which has set up the primary engineer and secondary engineer leaders awards for Northern Ireland? That does not cost the Government anything, but provides an...

Endometriosis Workplace Support: Northern Ireland Economy and Innovation: Government Support (29 Hyd 2019)

Steve Pound: Let us agree on one thing: Northern Ireland is the home of innovation. There has been a long history of that, from the modern tractor through to the Sunderland flying boat, Wrightbus and Shorts Missile Systems. In fact, most of the ejector seats in modern fighter planes are made in Northern Ireland. There is no argument that we have that extraordinary history; that seedbed of innovation,...

Endometriosis Workplace Support: Northern Ireland Economy and Innovation: Government Support (29 Hyd 2019)

Steve Pound: Am I allowed to take an intervention?

Endometriosis Workplace Support: Northern Ireland Economy and Innovation: Government Support (29 Hyd 2019)

Steve Pound: That is an extremely interesting point, and I am extremely grateful to the hon. Gentleman—

Endometriosis Workplace Support: Northern Ireland Economy and Innovation: Government Support (29 Hyd 2019)

Steve Pound: Do you know, I have no argument with that. Thales employs nearly 1,000 people in Northern Ireland, and it is there for a reason. It took over Shorts Missile Systems, and it is there because of the highly skilled, highly motivated, highly trained and highly capable workforce. What can we, as Government, do to help? In my days in the Navy, the number of marine engineers who came from Northern...

Early Parliamentary General Election (28 Hyd 2019)

Steve Pound: May I put it to the right hon. Gentleman that if we were to have a general election, that would simply be a de facto referendum part 2, because there would be no other subject under debate during that general election than Brexit? Would it not be an absolute dereliction of duty were we to allow something as important as a general election to be hijacked and simply to be a weak, ersatz...

Defence: Strait of Hormuz: UK Shipping (21 Hyd 2019)

Steve Pound: Trafalgar day has been mentioned, and later today, when “Up Spirits” is piped, we will all drink a tot to the immortal memory. I hope that the Minister will place on record his recognition and understanding that the Royal Navy and Royal Marine personnel currently on active service represent the very finest tradition of our services. Let us put that on the record.

Battle of Arnhem: 75TH Anniversary (14 Hyd 2019)

Steve Pound: I am reluctant to interrupt my hon. and gallant Friend, who is making an extraordinarily powerful speech. However, I am extremely grateful to him for mentioning the contribution of the Polish forces, which is very often overlooked. Will he join me in placing on the record our appreciation for the absolute gallantry of the Polish forces? Their nation had been invaded and they were not to...

Northern Ireland ( 7 Hyd 2019)

Steve Pound: I welcome the Minister to what I believe is one of his first outings on the Front Bench. I understand that he has other territorial responsibilities. We are not unfamiliar with double-jobbing in Northern Ireland, but I think that if anyone can do it, he can, and he is very welcome. It is not usually the convention for the Opposition to speak last, but on this occasion I felt it was...

Northern Ireland (Executive Formation etc) Act 2019 Section 6 (30 Med 2019)

Steve Pound: I sense that the Minister is approaching his coda. May I ask him to say whether overseas nationals will be included in the scope of pensions and payments?

Northern Ireland (Executive Formation etc) Act 2019 Section 6 (30 Med 2019)

Steve Pound: Before I respond to the Minister, may I refer to some earlier remarks from the hon. Member for Belfast South (Emma Little Pengelly) in relation to Justice Hart? I would like to associate myself and all my colleagues with the comments she made. I was interested to hear that she learned much when she appeared before him. I trust it was professionally, rather than as a respondent, but in any...

Northern Ireland (Executive Formation etc) Act 2019 Section 6 (30 Med 2019)

Steve Pound: I do. I think it is quite important to place on record the fact that when I have visited all of the constituencies in Northern Ireland, I have always been welcomed by the Members of Parliament for those areas, whether or not they take their seats here, and have had the opportunity to visit particularly the border areas and the areas that, in all honesty, very few of us on this side of the...

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