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Lower Thames Crossing: Development Consent - Question (29 Ebr 2024)

Lord McLoughlin: My Lords, the simple fact is that this is one of the largest planning applications that has been put before this country; I believe it runs to more than 359,000 pages of requirements. Perhaps my noble friend can reassure us that, following this project, there will be a review of the way in which planning applications are handled. It is very reassuring to hear people from Liberal and Labour...

Transport System: Failings - Motion to Take Note (25 Ebr 2024)

Lord McLoughlin: My Lords, I congratulate the noble Lord, Lord Snape, on securing this debate and on managing to tee up his party to make its major announcement on rail today. It is a great achievement. It is a privilege to see the noble Lord, Lord Hendy of Richmond Hill, in the Chamber today. He is somebody who has done a huge amount for rail and transport infrastructure in the United Kingdom. I was very...

Police: Joe Anderson - Question (15 Ebr 2024)

Lord McLoughlin: My Lords, while it is true that the Government should not be able to direct the police in inquiries such as this, as the noble Lord, Lord Heseltine, said, the amount of time that this man and his family have been under suspicion and under investigation, with rumours floating about, is not fair on any individual person, let alone a person who seeks to represent his community in high office, be...

East Coast Main Line - Question (24 Ion 2024)

Lord McLoughlin: My Lords, I declare my interest as chairman of Transport for the North. Some of the difficult decisions that have had to be taken have been partly because of the upgrading of the trans-Pennine route, which is a huge investment as far as the Government are concerned over the next few years. Will my noble friend assure us that the planned upgrade for York station, which will allow greater...

Freedom of Information - Question (23 Ion 2024)

Lord McLoughlin: My Lords, has there been any estimate as to how much money the Freedom of Information Act costs the Government, at a time when there are scarce resources to spend on services on the front line? Is there a figure for what the total cost to government of this particular piece of legislation is?

HMRC: Tax Returns - Question (10 Ion 2024)

Lord McLoughlin: Will my noble friend tell us how many HMRC staff are working from home and how many are attending the workplace?

Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses (Amendment) Regulations 2022 - Question (19 Rha 2023)

Lord McLoughlin: My Lords, will my noble friend at some stage—he may not have the answer today—look at all the legislation that has been passed by successive Conservative Governments on trade union reform? Will he place in the Library a list of all those that have been reversed subsequently by any Labour Government?

Road Safety Strategy - Question (18 Rha 2023)

Lord McLoughlin: My Lords, I did not quite recognise the figures given by the noble Lord, Lord Jordan. The fact is that I believe the United Kingdom has a fairly good road safety record when compared with countries with similar industrial bases. But will my noble friend look at the practice, which I think has grown quite substantially, of undertaking on motorways? This is something that I always thought was...

Rail Fares - Question (27 Tach 2023)

Lord McLoughlin: My Lords, I welcome my noble friend to his post. I have some sympathy with him as far as rail ticketing is concerned, because everybody thinks it should be reformed if it means they get cheaper tickets. The simple fact is that as long as the Treasury has the control that it does over the rail companies, which is greater now than it has ever been, through the department, then we will not make...

Capital Projects: Spending - Question (26 Hyd 2023)

Lord McLoughlin: Does the extra requirement of Treasury authority apply to the devo deals that are done with the metro mayors, or are the Government being open with the metro mayors, as they said they would be, by giving them greater delegation in their budgets?

HS2 Ltd: Costs - Question (25 Hyd 2023)

Lord McLoughlin: Will my noble friend assure the House that there is no need for another inquiry into HS2? If anything, there should be an inquiry into how many inquiries there have been into HS2 over the course of its life. However, perhaps an inquiry into the way that the decision was made to not continue with the rest of HS2 would be appropriate. The company for HS2, the Department for Transport and the...

Transport: Zero-emission Vehicles, Drivers and HS2 - Statement (17 Hyd 2023)

Lord McLoughlin: My Lords, I declare my interest as chairman of Transport for the North. I say to my noble friend that I realise the position she faces defending this decision. For the last 13 years, any Minister standing at the Dispatch Box would have been saying why HS2 was, in fact, the right decision. Big transport infrastructure projects are always incredibly difficult. They are never without controversy...

Prison Capacity - Statement (17 Hyd 2023)

Lord McLoughlin: My Lords, one of the figures that I found most disturbing in my noble and learned friend’s Statement was the increase in prisoners on remand, from 9,000 to 15,000. Bearing in mind the cost of keeping somebody in prison before they have been convicted, what action are the Government taking to bring these very disturbing figures under control and get them down substantially?

National Cyber Security Centre - Question (16 Hyd 2023)

Lord McLoughlin: My Lords, a company which is the subject of a cyberattack may not wish to be publicly identified, but they may have suffered severe financial problems. How is HMRC taking this into account and giving those companies some breathing time to put right what may have happened to them? It is all very well saying it in one section, but is there a cross-government approach to this issue?

Paediatric Care: Wating Times - Question (16 Hyd 2023)

Lord McLoughlin: Have the Government made any assessment of the impact of strikes on waiting times?

Restoration and Renewal Programme Board - Membership Motions (20 Med 2023)

Lord McLoughlin: My Lords, perhaps I may make just a short point on the appointment of Dr Dix. I very much welcome and agree with the appointment. However, I wonder why, at paragraph 12, the report to the House has the following line: “All the candidates were required to provide written declarations regarding past political activity and potential conflicts of interest”. I understand why it mentions...

Migrants: Barges - Question (20 Med 2023)

Lord McLoughlin: My Lords, I understand that one of the reasons for trying to house these migrants on the barge is to try to reduce the costs on the Government as far as this whole episode is concerned. Will my noble friend tell me what budget the costs for this project and other projects come from?

High Speed 2 - Commons Urgent Question (19 Med 2023)

Lord McLoughlin: My Lords, I declare my interest as chairman of Transport for the North. Yesterday, in the Commons, the Minister said: “The benefits of HS2 for Birmingham are already being realised”.—[Official Report, Commons, 18/9/23; col. 1107.] He is correct. The simple fact is that this is a huge project—a project not about speed but about capacity. If we are to see more people and more freight...

Business of the House - Announcement (17 Gor 2023)

Lord McLoughlin: My Lords, before my noble friend gets up, bearing in mind the interview that the Minister of State gave on Saturday morning on the “Today” programme, could we not save some time by telling those noble Lords who want to put down amendments that the Bill is not going to change? It will come back in the state in which that the Minister of State says it will come back. That would save quite a...

Electronic Travel Authorisation - Question (17 Gor 2023)

Lord McLoughlin: My Lords, I draw attention to my entry in the register of interests as the chairman of Airlines UK. Does my noble friend understand that putting Britain at a commercial disadvantage in such an international industry will do us no good whatsoever in the long term? Perhaps the Government should look at how our airlines are able to compete internationally with others.

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