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Oral Answers to Questions — Anti-Semitism (Middle East) ( 1 Mai 2001)

Sir Peter Lloyd: Will the Minister also condemn those who try to brand as anti-Semitic people who criticise Israeli Government policy, especially people who deplore the cruel and excessive reaction of the Israeli authorities to the unrest that their illegal settlements inevitably provoke? Peace process or no peace process, those settlements are ever expanding, and young Palestinians see their homeland rapidly...

Opposition Day: Prison Conditions (12 Chw 2001)

Sir Peter Lloyd: Like the hon. Member for Monmouth (Mr. Edwards), I have visited Usk prison. I thought that it was very good, and I am glad that it is keeping up the standards that I observed; but many prisons are hopeless and degrading places, and many have always been so. My right hon. Friend the Member for Maidstone and The Weald (Miss Widdecombe) quoted Winston Churchill; it is nearly a century since he...

Orders of the Day — Children's Commissioner for Wales Bill (16 Ion 2001)

Sir Peter Lloyd: Several years ago, the Utting inquiry revealed an appalling history of abuse in children's homes in north Wales; but more shaming, in many respects, were the disbelief and the brick walls faced by children when they tried to speak up, and also by adults in the system when they sought to voice their suspicions. It took many years for the truth to come out. I fear that, because such a long time...

Police and Criminal Justice Spending Review (19 Gor 2000)

Sir Peter Lloyd: Would not the money that the Home Secretary has earmarked for new prison places be better spent on providing suitable accommodation for the large number of mentally disordered offenders who are currently in prison but ought not to be held there?

Orders of the Day — Prohibition on Promotion of Homosexuality: Bullying ( 5 Gor 2000)

Sir Peter Lloyd: Those in favour of retaining section 28 must also make up their minds as to whether the changes that were brought in to strengthen the powers of school governing bodies and to give parents a central role on those bodies are working or not. The tenor of my hon. Friend's argument is that those changes are so weak that parents cannot ensure that inappropriate teaching does not happen in a...

Opposition Day: Prisoners (Early Release) ( 3 Gor 2000)

Sir Peter Lloyd: I should like to follow up the point that the Home Secretary is making. If his policy of early release, which he feels is successful, is designed to help to reintegrate prisoners into law-abiding society, surely it is needed even more for high-risk prisoners than for low-risk prisoners, who are unlikely to offend when they are released. He needs the release programme for the high-risk...

Criminal Justice and Court Services Bill (28 Maw 2000)

Sir Peter Lloyd: I agree with the point that was made by the hon. Member for Southwark, North and Bermondsey (Mr. Hughes) about drugs and drug testing. First, let me declare an interest as the parliamentary adviser to the Police Federation. This is an important Bill. Its importance is perhaps obscured somewhat by the thin attendance in the Chamber, but the Bill covers much ground. As my right hon. Friend...

ECHR Judgment (Thompson and Venables) (13 Maw 2000)

Sir Peter Lloyd: Will the Home Secretary explain why the public reaction to the horrific child murder committed by the child Mary Bell a generation ago was apparently so much more mature and less crudely vengeful than much of the reaction has appeared to be in the case of Thompson and Venables?

Orders of the Day — Royal Assent ( 9 Maw 2000)

Sir Peter Lloyd: I was interested in the hon. Gentleman's comments about notices in his constituency saying "No Muslims need apply". As such a notice would have a disproportionate effect on a particular ethnic group, I would have thought it quite likely that it would be possible to prosecute such employers. Has the hon. Gentleman thought of doing so? Has he advised those affected to seek such a prosecution?

Orders of the Day — Race Relations (Amendment) Bill [Lords] ( 9 Maw 2000)

Sir Peter Lloyd: I am pleased to follow the hon. Member for Ealing, Southall (Mr. Khabra). He has long personal experience of the issues covered by the Bill, and I am sorry that his involvement in them has led him to be in continuing receipt of hate mail. That is extraordinarily unpleasant. I shall touch on some things that the hon. Gentleman said in his speech with rather less agreement, but I am glad that...

Orders of the Day — Race Relations (Amendment) Bill [Lords] ( 9 Maw 2000)

Sir Peter Lloyd: I hope that my hon. Friend will have a chance to develop that point further. If he is suggesting that the extension of the provisions for indirect discrimination will make it harder for the police to gather and follow up evidence on the contacts of the individuals whom they know to be criminals, I do not think that it will have that effect. Let us consider the example of stop and search,...

Orders of the Day — Race Relations (Amendment) Bill [Lords] ( 9 Maw 2000)

Sir Peter Lloyd: Is the Home Secretary saying that there is uncertainty in the very general definition in the Human Rights Act and that groups may not know that it applies to them? If that is not so, why can that definition not be used in this Bill?

Orders of the Day — Race Relations (Amendment) Bill [Lords] ( 9 Maw 2000)

Sir Peter Lloyd: I am trying to follow the Home Secretary's argument. Is he saying that the 1976 Act, which applies to the private sector, leaves a gap between the public and private sectors that needs to be filled by a list? I thought that he was extending that Act to the public sector so there ought not to be a gap, except where the Bill excludes a particular organisation.

Orders of the Day — Armed Forces Discipline Bill [Lords] (17 Chw 2000)

Sir Peter Lloyd: I am very glad to follow the hon. Member for Walsall, South (Mr. George), who speaks from vast knowledge and a real sympathy and concern for the armed services. I do not follow him in his almost complete happiness with the Bill as it is currently constructed, but I do welcome his comment that the next armed forces Bill should be examined very carefully in advance by an expanded Select...

Orders of the Day — Armed Forces Discipline Bill [Lords] (17 Chw 2000)

Sir Peter Lloyd: In the last analysis, my hon. Friend is absolutely right, but I do not think that we have reached that point. I am not yet convinced that the current arrangements are not on all fours with the convention and I am trying to tease that out of the Minister. It is a central point. I do not expect him to intervene on me now, but I hope that he will give it a great deal of attention when he replies...

Orders of the Day — Armed Forces Discipline Bill [Lords] (17 Chw 2000)

Sir Peter Lloyd: That was the point that I was seeking to make. It is much more satisfactory all round, and it is now the law, that the service man should have the option. Why do we need to complicate that option and make it rather more difficult for the service man to know how best to use it in his own interest?

Orders of the Day — Armed Forces Discipline Bill [Lords] (17 Chw 2000)

Sir Peter Lloyd: That proposition sounds convincing. I am looking for the Government to say either that it is not so and reassuring us, or, as I was arguing earlier, that it is not necessary to make these changes to put the law as it affects military discipline on all fours with the convention. It is a crucial point because the only reason for introducing the Bill at this time is to make it convention-proof....

Orders of the Day — Armed Forces Discipline Bill [Lords] (17 Chw 2000)

Sir Peter Lloyd: I always understood that war and active operations produced the most unexpected circumstances. The hon. Gentleman may be right—he was on the Defence Committee and heard the evidence given. I am willing to concede that it may be rare that such problems occur, but I hope that the hon. Gentleman will accept that he cannot speak ex cathedra and say that they will never happen.

Orders of the Day — Armed Forces Discipline Bill [Lords] (17 Chw 2000)

Sir Peter Lloyd: That is right; I invite the Minister to comment when he winds up the debate. I have given him a lot to do, but the Bill raises several important points and I hope that he will be able to respond to them. It is much better that the rules are sufficiently flexible for the relevant officer to be able to take action appropriate to the exigencies that he and his men may face. The legislation needs...

Register of Medical Practitioners (Amendment): Asylum and Immigration ( 2 Chw 2000)

Sir Peter Lloyd: Does the hon. Gentleman accept that, sometimes, the problem occurs because the family substitutes a nephew or niece on its list and that person is allowed in? Is he suggesting that such a person would be returned? I do not think so. The problem is more difficult than he describes.

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