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Police: Joe Anderson - Question (15 Ebr 2024)

Lord Heseltine: To ask His Majesty’s Government what assessment they have made of the conduct of the police in their treatment of Joe Anderson, who resigned as the Mayor of Liverpool in 2021.

Police: Joe Anderson - Question (15 Ebr 2024)

Lord Heseltine: My Lords, the Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, was arrested on serious charges, including fraud and bribery. That was three years and four months ago. He lost his job, his reputation and his income. No charge has been made since then. Does my noble friend the Minister think that is justice?

Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill - Second Reading: Amendment to the Motion ( 6 Chw 2023)

Lord Heseltine: My Lords, I salute the two excellent maiden speeches that we have heard today. I am one of the few surviving members of Margaret Thatcher’s first Government and I am amazed to find myself sitting here listening to the arguments from the Front Bench as to why her greatest achievement should be sacrificed. I remember Arthur Cockfield: he is not, perhaps, a household name today, but if you...

Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill - Second Reading: Amendment to the Motion ( 6 Chw 2023)

Lord Heseltine: My Lords, I am in favour of free and open discussion. I do not want the noble Lord silenced in any way: the Floor is his. Well, here we are, another vacuum in the Brexit debate. The essence, of course, is that, for all the empty generalisations, all the promises and all that new world, there was nothing there. This Bill demonstrates beyond peradventure that they did not know what they were...

Written Answers — Home Office: Criminal Investigation (24 Ion 2023)

Lord Heseltine: To ask His Majesty's Government how many current criminal investigations by the police and HMRC began (1) more than four, and (2) more than two years ago; and of these cases how many are waiting for a charging decision by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Levelling-up and Regeneration Bill - Second Reading (17 Ion 2023)

Lord Heseltine: My Lords, I hope I may be forgiven a certain sense of nostalgia: I was elected to another place in 1966 and, two years later, the Redcliffe-Maud report analysed the changed circumstances that the country faced. It recommended that 1,300 local authorities should be replaced by 60 unitary and metro authorities. I was a junior Minister in the Government who followed, and we reduced the 1,300...

Written Answers — Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government: Mayors ( 9 Maw 2021)

Lord Heseltine: To ask Her Majesty's Government, further to the devolution of powers to the Mayor of Greater Manchester, which powers, if any, have been devolved to other Metro Mayors since December 2019.

Written Answers — Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government: Devolution: White Papers (17 Chw 2021)

Lord Heseltine: To ask Her Majesty's Government when they intend to publish their devolution white paper.

Queen’s Speech - Debate (5th Day) (Continued) (21 Hyd 2019)

Lord Heseltine: My Lords, I hope that it will be some help to my noble friend if I say that I am not looking for any response from her tonight. I look forward to the promised White Paper on devolution, which I hope will contain the answers that so many of your Lordships have requested. This has been an immensely wide-ranging debate, and a whole galaxy of contemporary problems have been paraded for the...

Brexit - Motion to Take Note ( 2 Hyd 2019)

Lord Heseltine: My Lords, three days after the referendum I wrote an article in the Mail on Sunday saying, “The fightback starts here”. I have no hesitation at all in reiterating that position. I believed that, in the light of circumstance and the evolution of truth, we needed a referendum or a second election to deal with the issue. Why was I so preoccupied to argue for a further look? It is because I...

Brexit - Motion to Take Note ( 2 Hyd 2019)

Lord Heseltine: Of the 11 members of the Supreme Court, nine were appointed under a Conservative Prime Minister. Might that not have been used as an argument, if they had found for the Government, indicating corruption?

Previous Business – Lords: Grand Committee ()

Devolution in English cities in the light of 'Empowering English Cities report' – Lord Heseltine. Debate; 3:45 pm

Brexit: Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration - Motion to Take Note (1st Day) (Continued) ( 5 Rha 2018)

Lord Heseltine: My Lords, this debate has repeated arguments that most of us have used over many years but I do not intend to go back over any arguments that I have expressed. They remain in my mind as convincing as they have been throughout my political life. I have to say that, of the many speeches and moments of memory in this debate, my noble friend Lord Howard proclaiming that he is not a rebel will...

Brexit: Preparations and Negotiations - Motion to Take Note (23 Gor 2018)

Lord Heseltine: My Lords, it behoves someone rising from these Benches to say nice things about the Prime Minister, and I want unreservedly to salute a judgment she got 100% right, which was to put the Brexiteers in charge of the negotiations for our severance with Europe. I advocated that in the immediate aftermath of the referendum, and I did it for two reasons: first, because if they had not been put in...

Industrial Strategy - Motion to Take Note (Continued) ( 8 Ion 2018)

Lord Heseltine: My Lords, it is 25 years since I had the privilege of becoming President of the Board of Trade and my first question on arrival, not unsurprisingly, was “What is our strategy?”, to which the very surprising reply was, “We’re not allowed to use those words here”. When I had the remarkable opportunity to produce my report No Stone Unturned about wealth creation, it took a week to...

European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill - Report (Continued) ( 7 Maw 2017)

Lord Heseltine: I wonder whether the noble Lord realises that the Ministers or European officials with whom this will be negotiated have all got to go back to every European parliament and the European Parliament before they can conclude a deal.

European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill - Report (Continued) ( 7 Maw 2017)

Lord Heseltine: My Lords, many of your Lordships have made the point that we are not here to refight the referendum campaign; there is a clear mandate to trigger Article 50. My own personal position has been clearly established since I first joined the Conservative Party in 1951. I believe, and always have, that Britain’s national self-interest is inextricably interwoven with those of our European...

Cities and Local Government Devolution Bill [HL] — Report (2nd Day) (15 Gor 2015)

Lord Heseltine: My Lords, we touched on this subject in Committee. I hope very much that your Lordships will reject this proposal. In this House, it is universally agreed that we are shifting power on a massive scale to local authorities in whatever form they decide to combine. It is important, urgent and economically of great significance. The idea that we should be trying to reintroduce a system whereby...

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