Lord Trimble

Cyn Ceidwadwyr Peer

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Cyn Arglwydd Ceidwadwyr, Cyn UUP MLA am Upper Bann

Aeth i mewn i'r Tŷ'r Arglwyddi ar 6 Mehefin 2006

Yn flaenorol AS am Upper Bann tan 11 Ebrill 2005 — Etholiad cyffredinol (safodd eto)

Gadawodd y Tŷ'r Arglwyddi ar 25 Gorffennaf 2022

Positions held at time of appointment: Former Member of Parliament for Upper Bann; former Leader, Ulster Unionist Party. (from Number 10 press release)

Aeth i mewn i'r Tŷ'r Cyffredin ar 17 Mai 1990 — unknown

Aeth i mewn i'r Cynulliad ar 25 Mehefin 1998 — Etholiad cyffredinol

Gadawodd y Cynulliad ar 30 Ionawr 2007 — Wedi'i ddiddymu ar gyfer etholiad

Party was UUP until 30 Ion 2007; Crossbench until 16 Ebr 2007

Also represented Upper Bann


Swyddogaethau eraill yn y gorffennol

  • Member, National Security Strategy (Joint Committee) ( 6 Tach 2017 to 1 Gor 2019)
  • Member, Human Rights (Joint Committee) (19 Gor 2017 to 28 Ion 2021)
  • Member, Human Rights (Joint Committee) (25 Mai 2016 to 27 Ebr 2017)
  • Member, National Security Strategy (Joint Committee) ( 3 Rha 2015 to 27 Ebr 2017)
  • Member, Delegated Powers and Regulatory Reform Committee (19 Tach 2014 to 30 Maw 2015)
  • Member, Inquiries Act 2005 Committee (16 Mai 2013 to 26 Chw 2014)
  • Member, EU Sub Committee C - External Affairs (17 Mai 2012 to 30 Maw 2015)
  • Member, Draft House of Lords Reform Bill (Joint Committee) ( 6 Gor 2011 to 26 Maw 2012)
  • Member, EU Sub-Committee C - Foreign Affairs, Defence and Development Policy (22 Meh 2010 to 16 Mai 2012)
  • Member, Barnett Formula Committee (10 Rha 2008 to 12 Tach 2009)
  • Member, European Union Committee ( 9 Rha 2008 to 15 Mai 2013)
  • Member, EU Sub-Committee A - Economic and Financial Affairs, and International Trade ( 8 Hyd 2007 to 8 Ebr 2010)
  • First Minister of Northern Ireland (25 Meh 1998 to 14 Hyd 2002)
  • Leader of the Ulster Unionist Party ( 8 Med 1995 to 7 Mai 2005)

Public bill committees (Sittings attended)

Ymddangosiadau diweddar

  • EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement - Motion to Take Note 8 Jan 2021

    My Lords, I want to exploit my position here at the moment, standing right behind the Minister. He opened the debate by referring to some of the major achievements that have been made, in particular that the European Court of Justice no longer applies in Great Britain, and other related matters. I am sure the noble Lord will realise that I could, and perhaps should, exploit my position here...
  • European Union (Future Relationship) Bill - Second Reading (and remaining stages): Amendment to the Motion 30 Dec 2020

    My Lords, I have listened with great interest to the debate so far. I am sorry to hear so many occasions where people are criticising the Government for what they have done and in particular suggesting that in some way they were dragging out the proceedings, for whatever benefit. This is a most unfair approach. One could predict at the beginning of the negotiations that there would always be...
  • Health Protection (Coronavirus) (Restrictions) (England) (No. 4) Regulations 2020 - Motion to Approve: Amendment to the Motion 4 Nov 2020

    My Lords, I should point out at the outset that there is no significance whatsoever in the positioning of my name on the Order Paper. Although it is set up that way, I have nothing to do with the wind-up of this debate. I have a sad story to tell. Before the debate started, I was looking for somewhere to sit, which is difficult in this building at the moment. At that point, some of the...

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