Lord Howard of Lympne

Ceidwadwyr Peer

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Ceidwadwyr Arglwydd

Aeth i mewn i'r Tŷ'r Arglwyddi ar 20 Gorffennaf 2010

Yn flaenorol AS am Folkestone and Hythe tan 12 Ebrill 2010 — heb sefyll i gael ei hailethol

Aeth i mewn i'r Tŷ'r Cyffredin ar 9 Mehefin 1983 — Etholiad cyffredinol

Also represented Folkestone and Hythe


Themau o ddiddordeb

  • Treasury
  • Prime Minister
  • Home Department
  • Transport
  • Local Government and the Regions
  • Work and Pensions
  • Euro
  • Tax Credits
  • Tax Credit Claims
  • Inflation Indicator
  • Network Rail

Swyddogaethau eraill yn y gorffennol

  • Member, Constitution Committee (31 Maw 2022 to 20 Ebr 2023)
  • Member, Committee on Issue of Privilege (Police Searches on Parliamentary Estate) (10 Aws 2009 to 11 Mai 2010)
  • Member, Committee on Issue of Privilege (Police Searches on Parliamentary Estate) (13 Gor 2009 to 6 Mai 2010)
  • Leader of the Opposition (10 Mai 2004 to 6 Rha 2005)
  • Leader of HM Official Opposition ( 6 Tach 2003 to 6 Rha 2005)
  • Leader of the Conservative Party ( 6 Tach 2003 to 6 Rha 2005)
  • Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer ( 9 Ion 2001 to 6 Tach 2003)
  • Shadow Secretary of State (11 Meh 1997 to 15 Meh 1999)
  • The Secretary of State for the Home Department (27 Mai 1993 to 1 Mai 1997)
  • Secretary of State for Environment (11 Ebr 1992 to 26 Mai 1993)
  • Secretary of State for Employment ( 2 Ion 1990 to 10 Ebr 1992)
  • Minister of State (Department of Environment) (Housing) (25 Gor 1989 to 2 Ion 1990)
  • Minister of State (Department of Environment) (Planning) (25 Gor 1988 to 23 Gor 1989)
  • Minister of State (Department of Environment) (Local Government) (13 Meh 1987 to 24 Gor 1988)
  • Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Department of Trade and Industry) ( 2 Med 1985 to 13 Meh 1987)

Ymddangosiadau diweddar

  • Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill - Commons Reasons: Motion B1 (as an amendment to Motion B) 20 Mar 2024

    Is it not the case that that legislation did not simply lack the controls advocated by the noble and learned Lord, Lord Hope? It did not have the controls that are in this Bill. There was no monitoring committee. It simply did not have these controls in that legislation.
  • Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill - Third Reading: Motion 12 Mar 2024

    My Lords, I wish to make a point which I hope may be taken into account by honourable Members in another place, though I fear it is unlikely to find favour with most of your Lordships. I cast no aspersions on the motivation which has led to the amendments your Lordships have passed. An undeniable consequence of most of these amendments would be delay in dealing with an issue which is regarded...
  • Safety of Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill - Report (2nd Day): Amendment 36 6 Mar 2024

    I agree with the noble and learned Lord, Lord Hope—this is not the time to go back over the arguments we previously had. However, will the noble Lord and the noble Lord, Lord Alton, not accept that the one ground on which they cannot rely in support of their arguments is what Winston Churchill and the founding fathers of the convention said? They specifically considered whether the court...

Mwy o ymddangosiadau diweddar Lord Howard of Lympne

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