New Clause 12 - Counter-terrorism questioning of detained entrants away from place of arrival

Part of Nationality and Borders Bill – in a Public Bill Committee am 11:30 am ar 4 Tachwedd 2021.

Danfonwch hysbysiad imi am ddadleuon fel hyn

“(1) Schedule 7 to the Terrorism Act 2000 (port and border controls) is amended as follows.

(2) In paragraph 1(2) (definitions), in the definition of ‘ship’, after ‘hovercraft’ insert ‘and any floating vessel or structure’.

(3) In paragraph 2 (power to question person about involvement in terrorism in port or border area or on ship or aircraft), after sub-paragraph (3) insert—

‘(3A) This paragraph also applies to a person if—

(a) the person is—

(i) being detained under a provision of the Immigration Acts, or

(ii) in custody having been arrested under paragraph 17(1) of Schedule 2 to the Immigration Act 1971,

(b) the period of 5 days beginning with the day after the day on which the person was apprehended has not yet expired, and

(c) the examining officer believes that—

(i) the person arrived in the United Kingdom by sea from a place outside the United Kingdom, and

(ii) the person was apprehended within 24 hours of the person’s arrival on land.

(3B) For the purposes of sub-paragraph (3A)(b) and (c), a person is “apprehended”—

(a) in a case within sub-paragraph (3A)(a)(i) where the person is arrested (and not released) before being detained as mentioned in that provision, when the person is arrested;

(b) in any other case within sub-paragraph (3A)(a)(i), when the person is first detained as mentioned in that provision;

(c) in a case within sub-paragraph (3A)(a)(ii), when the person is arrested as mentioned in that provision.’”—

This new clause (to be inserted after clause 61) enables the power in paragraph 2 of Schedule 7 to the Terrorism Act 2000 (questioning about involvement in terrorism) to be exercised in respect of a person who has arrived in the UK by sea within the past five days and is in immigration detention. It also amends the definition of “ship” in that Schedule.