New Clause 11 - Special Immigration Appeals Commission

Part of Nationality and Borders Bill – in a Public Bill Committee am 11:30 am ar 4 Tachwedd 2021.

Danfonwch hysbysiad imi am ddadleuon fel hyn

“(1) The Special Immigration Appeals Commission Act 1997 is amended in accordance with subsections (2) to (4).

(2) After section 2E insert—

‘2F Jurisdiction: review of certain immigration decisions

(1) Subsection (2) applies in relation to any decision of the Secretary of State which—

(a) relates to a person’s entitlement to enter, reside in or remain in the United Kingdom, or to a person’s removal from the United Kingdom,

(b) is not subject—

(i) to a right of appeal, or

(ii) to a right under a provision other than subsection (2) to apply to the Special Immigration Appeals Commission for the decision to be set aside, and

(c) is certified by the Secretary of State acting in person as a decision that was made wholly or partly in reliance on information which, in the opinion of the Secretary of State, should not be made public—

(i) in the interests of national security,

(ii) in the interests of the relationship between the United Kingdom and another country, or

(iii) otherwise in the public interest.

(2) The person to whom the decision relates may apply to the Special Immigration Appeals Commission to set aside the decision.

(3) In determining whether the decision should be set aside, the Commission must apply the principles which would be applied in judicial review proceedings.

(4) If the Commission decides that the decision should be set aside, it may make any such order, or give any such relief, as may be made or given in judicial review proceedings.’

(3) In section 6A (procedure in relation to jurisdiction under sections 2C to 2E)—

(a) in the heading, for ‘2E’ substitute ‘2F’,

(b) in subsection (1), for ‘or 2E’ substitute ‘, 2E or 2F’,

(c) in subsection (2)(a), for ‘or 2E’ substitute ‘, 2E or 2F’, and

(d) in subsection (2)(b), for ‘or (as the case may be) 2E(2)’ substitute ‘, 2E(2) or (as the case may be) 2F (2)’.

(4) In section 7 (appeals from the Commission), in subsection (1A), for ‘or 2E’ substitute ‘, 2E or 2F’.

(5) If subsection (4) comes into force before the day on which paragraph 26(5) of Schedule 9 to the Immigration Act 2014 comes into force, until that day subsection (4) has effect as if, in section 7(1A), for ‘or 2D’ it substituted ‘, 2D or 2F’.

(6) In section 115(8) of the Equality Act 2010 (immigration cases), for ‘section 2D and 2E’ substitute ‘section 2D, 2E or 2F’.”—

This new clause enables the Special Immigration Appeals Commission to consider applications to set aside immigration decisions where the Secretary of State certifies that information relating to the decision should not be made public on national security and other grounds.