Public Bill Committees

Previously called Standing Committees, Public Bill Commitees study proposed legislation (Bills) in detail, debating each clause and reporting any amendments to the Commons for further debate.

There are at least 16 MPs on a Committee, and the proportion of parties reflects the House of Commons, so the government always has a majority.

  • Birmingham Commonwealth Games Bill [Lords]

    1st sitting · Mawrth, 17 Mawrth 2020 · 3 speeches

    [Siobhain McDonagh in the Chair]

    • Short title

      1 speech

      I beg to move amendment 1, in clause 34, page 20, line 16, l eave out subsection (2). I have rarely been in a Committee where the Chair has spoken more than the...

    • Local Commonwealth Games levy

      8 speeches

      “(1) The Secretary of State must make regulations to provide the powers necessary for the relevant local authorities to levy charges on hotel occupancy and short-term rentals in their...

    • Payment of a living wage

      5 speeches

      “(1) Within 3 months of this section coming into force, the Secretary of State must direct the Organising Committee to prepare a strategy for ensuring that a living wage, as a minimum, is...

    • Gambling advertising

      3 speeches

      “(1) The Organising Committee must not enter into any sponsorship, or contractual arrangement, with any business or company that derives part or all of its income from gambling. (2) For the...

    • Broadcasting: listed sporting events

      13 speeches

      “(1) The Secretary of State must designate the Games as a Group A listed sporting event. (2) For the purposes of this section, a ‘Group A listed sporting event’ is an event...

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Committee membership and attendance (out of 1)


  • Siobhain McDonagh (1)
  • Charles Walker (0)


  • Khalid Mahmood (0)
  • John Lamont (1)
  • Craig Tracey (1)
  • Gavin Newlands (1)
  • Catherine West (1)
  • Nigel Huddleston (1)
  • Maria Caulfield (1)
  • Chris Matheson (0)
  • Conor McGinn (1)
  • Jacob Young (1)
  • Stuart Anderson (1)
  • Nicola Richards (0)
  • Fay Jones (0)
  • Charlotte Nichols (1)
  • Gary Sambrook (0)
  • Simon Jupp (1)
  • Taiwo Owatemi (0)

[ Committee memberships can change partway through ]