Public Bill Committees

Previously called Standing Committees, Public Bill Commitees study proposed legislation (Bills) in detail, debating each clause and reporting any amendments to the Commons for further debate.

There are at least 16 MPs on a Committee, and the proportion of parties reflects the House of Commons, so the government always has a majority.

  • Bus Services Bill [Lords]

    1st sitting · Mawrth, 14 Mawrth 2017

    [Mr David Nuttall in the Chair]

    • Advanced quality partnership schemes

      26 speeches

      I beg to move amendment 1, in clause 1, page 2, line 43, lea ve out from beginning to end of line 4 on page 3. This amendment removes an order-making power under...

    • Franchising schemes

      50 speeches

      I beg to move amendment 5, in clause 4, page 15, line 11, at end insert— “But each of paragraphs (b) to (f) has effect only if the Secretary of State by...

  • Bus Services Bill [Lords]

    2nd sitting · Mawrth, 14 Mawrth 2017

    [Albert Owen in the Chair] Clause 4

    • Franchising schemes

      67 speeches

      Amendment proposed (this day): 5, in clause 4, page 15, line 11, at end insert— “But each of paragraphs (b) to (f) has effect only if the Secretary of State by...

    • Further amendments: franchising schemes

      0 speeches

      Amendment made: 17, in schedule 2, page 84, line 35, leave out “123A(4)(b) to (f)” and insert “123A(4)”.—(Andrew Jones.) This amendment and...

    • Enhanced partnership plans and schemes

      1 speech

      Amendment made: 11, in clause 9, page 42, leave out lines 15 to 20.—(Andrew Jones.) This amendment removes a requirement that, under an enhanced partnership scheme, new...

    • Traffic commissioner functions

      9 speeches

      I beg to move amendment 30, in clause 14, page 69, line 22, a t end insert— “(5) After section 6I insert— ‘6J Community bus routes (1)...

  • Bus Services Bill

    3rd sitting · Iau, 16 Mawrth 2017

    [Albert Owen in the Chair]

    • National strategy

      7 speeches

      “(1) The Secretary of State must, within 12 months of the day on which this Act is passed, publish a national strategy for local bus services setting out the objectives, targets and funding...

    • Disability awareness training

      17 speeches

      “(1) All drivers of buses and staff at bus terminals must complete approved disability equality and awareness training (“approved training”) by 1 April 2019. (2) This training...

    • Bus safety

      3 speeches

      “(1) An operator of a local service may not participate in any scheme under sections 1, 4, 7 or 9 of this Act, and an authority or authorities may not approve the participation of an...

    • Priority wheelchair spaces

      0 speeches

      ‘(1) The Secretary of State may by regulations make such provision as appears to the Secretary of State to be appropriate for the purpose of facilitating travel by wheelchair users on local...

    • Termination of Bus Service Operators Grant

      4 speeches

      “Insert new section 112A into the Transport Act 2000— ‘(1) The Bus Service Operators Grant shall be terminated on the last day of the first financial year to begin after this...

    • Short title

      3 speeches

      I beg to move amendment 16, in clause 26, page 79, line 37, l eave out subsection (2). This amendment removes the privilege amendment inserted by the Lords. I beg to...

    • Written evidence reported to the House

      0 speeches

      BSB19 The UK Cards Association BSB20 Mr Shouvik Datta BSB21 Nexus BSB22 Leicestershire County Council BSB23 Mrs Sunitha Webster BSB24 Baroness Campbell of Surbiton BSB25 Wellglade Group BSB26...

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Committee membership and attendance (out of 3)


  • Albert Owen (2)
  • David Nuttall (1)


  • Graham Stringer (3)
  • Bridget Phillipson (3)
  • Andrew Jones (3)
  • Lilian Greenwood (3)
  • Nicholas Dakin (3)
  • Gloria De Piero (3)
  • Mark Spencer (3)
  • Mike Freer (3)
  • Craig Tracey (2)
  • Caroline Ansell (3)
  • Chris Green (3)
  • Scott Mann (3)
  • Daniel Zeichner (3)
  • Julian Knight (3)
  • Mary Robinson (3)
  • Huw Merriman (3)

[ Committee memberships can change partway through ]