Public Bill Committees

Previously called Standing Committees, Public Bill Commitees study proposed legislation (Bills) in detail, debating each clause and reporting any amendments to the Commons for further debate.

There are at least 16 MPs on a Committee, and the proportion of parties reflects the House of Commons, so the government always has a majority.

  • High-Speed Rail (London-West Midlands) Bill

    5th sitting · Mawrth, 8 Mawrth 2016

    [Mr Christopher Chope in the Chair] New Clause 20

    • HS2 Design Panel

      3 speeches

      During the nominated undertaker’s ongoing design work for Phase One purposes it must have regard to the recommendations of the HS2 Independent Design Panel, or to the recommendations of a...

    • Passenger services: public sector operation

      26 speeches

      (1) Section 23 of the Railways Act 1993 (franchising of passenger services) does not apply to services operated on the whole or part of the high speed rail line so provided for in this Act. (2)...

    • Construction Commissioner

      3 speeches

      (1) There shall be a Construction Commissioner to consider any complaints about HS2 construction including any that have not already been the subject of discussions with the nominated undertaker....

    • Designing Euston as a single integrated Station

      4 speeches

      (1) The new high speed platforms to the west of the existing Euston Station must be designed as part of a plan for a single fully integrated Euston station which provides platforms for HS2,...

    • Report of the cumulative impacts of HS2 works

      1 speech

      (1) The Nominated Undertaker shall prepare a report on the cumulative impacts of the works on each community forum area along the line of route. (2) The report shall outline the key concerns from...

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  • Christopher Chope (1)
  • David Hanson (0)


  • Simon Burns (1)
  • David Anderson (1)
  • Robert Goodwill (1)
  • Shabana Mahmood (1)
  • Caroline Nokes (1)
  • Martin Vickers (1)
  • Alison McGovern (1)
  • Mary Glindon (1)
  • Jonathan Reynolds (1)
  • Jackie Doyle-Price (1)
  • Andy McDonald (1)
  • Alan Brown (0)
  • Ben Howlett (1)
  • Caroline Ansell (1)
  • Alex Chalk (1)
  • Nigel Huddleston (1)
  • Andrea Jenkyns (1)

[ Committee memberships can change partway through ]