Clause 160

Equality Bill – in a Public Bill Committee am 9:15 am ar 2 Gorffennaf 2009.

Danfonwch hysbysiad imi am ddadleuon fel hyn

Lists of wheelchair-accessible vehicles

Amendments made: 287, in clause 160, page 118, line 32, after ‘authority’ insert ‘in England and Wales’.

This amendment is consequent on amendment 288.

Amendment 288, in clause 160, page 118, line 35, leave out ‘In this subsection’ and insert—

‘(3A) A licensing authority in Scotland may include a vehicle on a list maintained under this section only if it is being used, or is to be used, by the holder of a special licence under that licence.

(3B) In subsections (3) and (3A)’.—(The Solicitor-General.)

The effect of this amendment is to restrict the application of clauses 158 to 160, as regards Scotland, to vehicles used under special licences within the meaning of section 12 of the Transport Act 1985: that is, “taxibuses” and “PHV-buses”.

Clause 160, as amended, ordered to stand part of the Bill.

Clauses 161 to 164 ordered to stand part of the Bill.