Clause 3

Sustainable Communities Bill – in a Public Bill Committee am ar 16 Mai 2007.

Danfonwch hysbysiad imi am ddadleuon fel hyn

representations by principal councils in connection with the action plan

Amendment proposed [9 May]: No. 32, in clause 3, page 3, line 11, leave out ‘on a plan under section 2(3)(b)’ and insert ‘under section 2(5)’.—[Mr. Drew.]

Question again proposed, That the amendment be made.

Photo of John Cummings John Cummings Llafur, Easington

I remind the Committee that with this we are taking the following amendments: No. 33, in clause 3, page 3, line 21, leave out ‘of residents under 25 years old.’ and insert

‘through panels set up in accordance with subsection (1A) of residents, employers and employees in the council’s area and in particular of—

(i) young people in the area;

(ii) persons from ethnic minorities;

(iii) tenants in social housing;

(iv) persons living on lower incomes;

(v) persons with disabilities;

(vi) persons living in deprived areas; and

(vii) persons over 60 years of age.

An area is deprived for the purposes of sub-paragraph (vii) if the official male adult unemployment rate exceeds 10 per cent., or if more than 20 per cent. of households have net incomes below £15,000 per year.

(1A) For the purposes of this Act, a principal council shall, so far as is practicable, arrange for one or more panels to be established in its area representing persons who live in its area or who work or employ workers in its area and any such panel shall, so far as is practicable include—

(a) representatives of the categories of persons specified in subsection (1)(d)(i) to (viii), and

(b) representatives of such persons or bodies as the council considers appropriate being persons or bodies of any nature who exercise functions or are engaged in activities in relation to the sustainability of local communities in the council’s area; and

(c) an equal number of male and female members.

For the purposes of this subsection a member of a panel may represent more than one of the categories specified in subsection (1)(d).’.

No. 34, in clause 3, page 3, line 25, leave out from ‘council’ to end of line 42 and insert—

‘(3) A principal council shall cooperate with any panel set up in its area under subsection (1A) in making recommendations under section 2(5).’.

Photo of Nick Hurd Nick Hurd Ceidwadwyr, Ruislip - Northwood

I am going to move that the debate be adjourned. By way of explanation, I can say that we are waiting for Government amendments, and the feeling of members of the Committee was that it would be a more productive use of our time to wait and discuss those specific amendments rather than have conversations in the abstract.

Debate adjourned.—[Mr. Hurd.]

Adjourned accordingly at one minute past Ten o’clock till Wednesday 23 May at Ten o’clock.