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Part of Financial Mutuals Arrangements Bill – in a Public Bill Committee am 9:45 am ar 25 Ebrill 2007.

Danfonwch hysbysiad imi am ddadleuon fel hyn

Photo of David Curry David Curry Ceidwadwyr, Skipton and Ripon 9:45, 25 Ebrill 2007

Over-caution on the part of the Treasury is always to be welcomed, since we so rarely see it manifested. Like my hon. Friend, I welcome the Bill and am happy with the amendments.

I just wish to say that the Skipton Building Society in my constituency is one of the big ones and is hugely important. It is the biggest employer in Craven. Practically no voluntary activity in Craven gets under way without the support of the building society, and schools that bid for specialist status do so with its support. In terms of voluntary society and corporate responsibility, it is difficult to find another example of so many depending on one institution. Preserving its status and enabling it to continue to be able to do the things that it does in the community is crucial. That is the basis of my support for the Bill.