Clause 24: Parental Responsibility

Adoption and Children Bill – in a Public Bill Committee am ar 21 Tachwedd 2001.

Danfonwch hysbysiad imi am ddadleuon fel hyn

We are concerned about the change from the current position, which moves parental responsibility from being given at the point of the Adoption Order to a possibly earlier stage. The fact that the level can be determined by the Agency could lead to wide variation. We also have concern that the lack of a clear ``rite de passage'' which is attached to the granting of an Adoption Order may be lost, and we feel that this is regrettable. Research has told us (Adoption Now: Messages from Research—Roy Parker, Department of Health 2000) that children view the granting of the Order and the preparation for that day as being very important to them. The suggestion also creates a potential for too much responsibility being given to prospective adoptive parents at too early a stage. This may prove to be a concern to those thinking about adoption, particularly if they, view parental responsibility as being allied to financial responsibility, shou1d a child's placement disrupt prior to the granting of the Adoption Order.