New clause 11 - Monitoring of compliance with conditions of non-secure remand

Criminal Justice and Police Bill – in a Public Bill Committee am 8:45 pm ar 6 Mawrth 2001.

Danfonwch hysbysiad imi am ddadleuon fel hyn

`.—(1) In subsection (7) of section 23 of the Children and Young Persons Act 1969 (conditions that may be imposed by a court remanding a person to non-secure local authority accommodation)—

(a) at the beginning there shall be inserted ``Subject to section 23AA below,''; and

(b) for the words from ``any'' to the end there shall be substituted—

``(a) any such conditions as could be imposed under section 3(6) of the Bail Act 1976 if he were then being granted bail; and

(b) any conditions imposed for the purpose of securing the electronic monitoring of his compliance with any other condition imposed under this subsection.''

(2) After that section there shall be inserted—

``Electronic monitoring of conditions of remand

23AA.—(1) A court shall not impose a condition on a person under section 23(7)(b) above (an `electronic monitoring condition') unless each of the following requirements is fulfilled.

(2) The first requirement is that the person has attained the age of twelve years.

(3) The second requirement is that—

(a) the person is charged with or has been convicted of a violent or sexual offence, or an offence punishable in the case of an adult with imprisonment for a term of fourteen years or more; or

(b) he is charged with or has been convicted of one or more imprisonable offences which, together with any other imprisonable offences of which he has been convicted in any proceedings—

(i) amount, or

(ii) would, if he were convicted of the offences with which he is charged, amount,

to a recent history of repeatedly committing imprisonable offences while remanded on bail or to local authority accommodation.

(4) The third requirement is that the court—

(a) has been notified by the Secretary of State that electronic monitoring arrangements are available in each petty sessions area which is a relevant area; and

(b) is satisfied that the necessary provision can be made under those arrangements.

(5) The fourth requirement is that a youth offending team has informed the court that in its opinion the imposition of such a condition will be suitable in the person's case.

(6) Where a court imposes an electronic monitoring condition, the condition shall include provision for making a person responsible for the monitoring; and a person who is made so responsible shall be of a description specified in an order made by the Secretary of State.

(7) The Secretary of State may make rules for regulating—

(a) the electronic monitoring of compliance with conditions imposed under section 23(7)(a) above; and

(b) without prejudice to the generality of paragraph (a) above, the functions of persons made responsible for securing the electronic monitoring of compliance with such conditions.

(8) Subsections (8) to (10) of section 3AA of the Bail Act 1976 (provision about rules and orders under that section) shall apply in relation to this section as they apply in relation to that section.

(9) For the purposes of this section a petty sessions area is a relevant area in relation to a proposed electronic monitoring condition if the court considers that it will not be practicable to secure the electronic monitoring in question unless electronic monitoring arrangements are available in that area.''

(3) In section 69 of that Act (orders and regulations), after subsection (4) there shall be inserted—

``(4A) Nothing in this section applies to an order under section 23AA.'''.—[Mr. Charles Clarke.]

Brought up, read the First and Second time, and added to the Bill.