Therese Coffey

Cyn Ceidwadwyr MP ar gyfer Suffolk Coastal


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Therese Coffey is a former MP for Suffolk Coastal.

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Cyn Ceidwadwyr MP am Suffolk Coastal

Aeth i mewn i'r Tŷ'r Cyffredin ar 6 Mai 2010 — Etholiad cyffredinol

Gadawodd y Tŷ'r Cyffredin ar 30 Mai 2024 — Wedi'i ddiddymu ar gyfer etholiad

Cyfryngau Cymdeithasol


Themau o ddiddordeb

Therese Coffey campaigned to remain in the European Union Source: BBC

  • Treasury
  • Transport
  • Health
  • Department for Environment
  • Food and Rural Affairs
  • Justice
  • Childminding
  • Broadband: Suffolk Coastal
  • Sustainable Farming Incentive: Suffolk Coastal
  • Children: Maintenance
  • Shipping: Oil

Swyddogaethau eraill yn y gorffennol

  • Member, Energy Security and Net Zero Committee ( 7 Mai 2024 to 30 Mai 2024)
  • Member, Pensions (Special Rules for End of Life) Bill Committee (17 Ebr 2024 to 24 Ebr 2024)
  • Member, Dogs (Protection of Livestock) (Amendment) Bill Committee (17 Ebr 2024 to 24 Ebr 2024)
  • Member, Zoological Society of London (Leases) Bill Committee (21 Chw 2024 to 28 Chw 2024)
  • Member, Licensing Hours Extensions Bill Committee ( 7 Chw 2024 to 30 Mai 2024)
  • Member, Pet Abduction Bill Committee (24 Ion 2024 to 31 Ion 2024)
  • Member, Treasury Committee (11 Rha 2023 to 30 Mai 2024)
  • Member, Treasury Sub-Committee on Financial Services Regulations (11 Rha 2023 to 30 Mai 2024)
  • The Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (25 Hyd 2022 to 13 Tach 2023)
  • Secretary of State for Health and Social Care ( 6 Med 2022 to 25 Hyd 2022)
  • Deputy Prime Minister ( 6 Med 2022 to 25 Hyd 2022)
  • The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions ( 8 Med 2019 to 6 Med 2022)
  • The Minister of State, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (29 Gor 2019 to 8 Med 2019)
  • Member, Environmental Audit Committee (11 Med 2017 to 6 Tach 2019)
  • Member, Environmental Audit Committee (10 Hyd 2016 to 3 Mai 2017)
  • The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (17 Gor 2016 to 25 Gor 2019)
  • The Deputy Leader of the House of Commons ( 8 Mai 2015 to 17 Gor 2016)
  • Assistant Whip (HM Treasury) (15 Gor 2014 to 8 Mai 2015)
  • Member, Culture, Media and Sport Committee (12 Gor 2010 to 29 Hyd 2012)

Previous MPs in this constituency

Public bill committees (Sittings attended)

Ymddangosiadau diweddar

  • Speaker’s Statement 24 May 2024

    On a point of order, Mr Speaker.
  • Speaker’s Statement 24 May 2024

    I want to thank you, Mr Speaker, for all that you have done in this Parliament. It has been an extraordinary one, given the situation we went through with covid. The way this Parliament continued to function was truly innovative, recognising the challenges of the time. Many people are standing down. I am not one of them, Mr Speaker—I hope to be re-elected to this House— but I am conscious...
  • National Grid Proposals: North East Lincolnshire 23 May 2024

    I greatly appreciate what the Minister is saying. He is showing great wisdom and has grasped all the issues, even though he has been in the role for a relatively short time. There are problems in that connections are still being offered for stations that have not even been granted planning permission, but the key point that I want to make to the Minister relates to what is happening in the...

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