Mr William Deedes

Cyn MP ar gyfer Ashford

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Mr William Deedes is a former MP for Ashford.

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Cyn MP am Ashford

Aeth i mewn i'r Tŷ'r Cyffredin ar 23 Chwefror 1950 — Etholiad cyffredinol

Gadawodd y Tŷ'r Cyffredin ar 20 Medi 1974 — Etholiad cyffredinol

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Ymddangosiadau diweddar

  • Orders of the Day — Finance Bill: Tower of London (Explosion) 17 Jul 1974

    In the emotions that are bound to be aroused by this event, will the right hon. Gentleman bear firmly in mind the point raised by my right hon. Friend the Member for Leeds, North-East (Sir K. Joseph), that on first reports the incident appears to be an attack of a new character, and that at this season and in such public places it carries grave implications which should receive immediate...

    I wish to begin by congratulating the Minister of State on his appointment to the Northern Ireland Office. It is not a job that everybody would want to have, but I assure him we wish him well. It is agreeable to be able to go on to say that we accept the case for the Bill and, indeed, the arguments advanced by the Minister a few moments ago. I noticed that the Irish Times when referring to...

    Do I understand that the ages provided for in this new establishment will be from 16 to 21, not 14 to 21? Is the terminal date for building—which is 1977—about right, because if that is so, it answers many questions about how far this is a temporary measure and how long we shall wait for something better?

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