Jim Shannon

Shadow DUP Spokesperson (Human Rights)

DUP MP ar gyfer Strangford

@JimShannonMP https://facebook.com/Jim-Shannon-MP-477928115581090

Access to Abortion

There have been votes in Parliament on access to abortion .

Jim Shannon consistently voted against fewer obstacles for access to abortion

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Major votes

  • On 7 Maw 2023: Jim Shannon wedi pleidleisio adding an exemption to "buffer zone" around abortion providers for silent prayer or consensual communication in a public place Show vote
  • On 18 Hyd 2022: Jim Shannon Fe wnaeth pleidleisio no ar New Clause 11 (Public Order Bill) - Offence of interference with access to or provision of abortion services Show vote
  • On 30 Maw 2022: Jim Shannon wedi pleidleisio not to permit drug-mediated abortion, up-to ten weeks into a pregnancy, without an in-person consultation with a registered medical practitioner, and not to allow the first dose of drugs to be taken at home. Show vote
  • On 27 Ebr 2021: Jim Shannon acted as teller for a vote on Abortion (Northern Ireland) Regulations 2021 Show vote
  • On 24 Meh 2020: Jim Shannon acted as teller for a vote on Demonstrations (Abortion Clinics) Bill — Leave to Bring In Show vote
  • On 17 Meh 2020: Jim Shannon wedi pleidleisio for abortion to revert to being criminal offence in Northern Ireland, with case law providing exceptions only where there is a serious adverse health impact to the woman. Show vote
  • On 18 Gor 2019: Jim Shannon wedi pleidleisio not to legalise abortion in certain circumstances in Northern Ireland as soon as the act comes into force, not to enable two persons who are not of the same sex to be eligible to form a civil partnership in Northern Ireland and not to make a wide variety of other amendments to the Bill. Show vote
  • On 9 Gor 2019: Jim Shannon wedi pleidleisio against legalising abortion in Northern Ireland in a broad range of circumstances, against protecting women from harassment by anti-abortion protesters, and against improving sexual and reproductive health rights and services. Show vote
  • On 23 Hyd 2018: Jim Shannon wedi pleidleisio against decriminalising all abortions in England, Wales and Northern Ireland performed with the consent of the pregnant women up to the twenty-forth week of pregnancy. Show vote
  • On 13 Maw 2017: Jim Shannon Fe wnaeth pleidleisio no ar Reproductive Health (Access to Terminations) Show vote

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