Charles Hendry

Cyn Ceidwadwyr MP ar gyfer Wealden

Ministers Intervening in Inquests

There have been votes in Parliament on the powers of ministers to intervene in inquests. Specific votes were held on questions including if the Secretary of State ought be able to order a coroner's inquest to take place without a jury and if a minister ought be able to suspend a coroner's inquest.

Photo: Elliott Brown

Charles Hendry consistently voted against allowing ministers to intervene in inquests

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Major votes

  • On 12 Tach 2009: Charles Hendry Fe wnaeth pleidleisio yes ar Coroners and Justice Bill — Schedule 1 — Explicit Approval of Lord Chief Justice Required for Minister to Suspend Coroner's Inquiry -rejected Show vote
  • On 9 Tach 2009: Charles Hendry wedi pleidleisio against allowing the Lord Chancellor (a minister) to suspend an inquest and replace it with an inquiry and against allowing the use of intercepted communications evidence in inquests. Show vote
  • On 10 Meh 2008: Charles Hendry Fe wnaeth pleidleisio yes ar Counter-Terrorism Bill — Disallow inquests without a jury in England and Wales — rejected Show vote

Minor votes

  • On 26 Ion 2009: Charles Hendry was absent for a vote on Coroners and Justice Bill — Condemn the Coroners and Justice Bill — rejected Show vote
  • On 10 Meh 2008: Charles Hendry abstained on a vote on Counter Terrorism Bill — Lord Chief Justice to appoint "special coroners" — rejected Show vote

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