Vera Baird

Cyn Llafur MP ar gyfer Redcar


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Vera Baird is a former MP for Redcar.

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Cyn Llafur MP am Redcar

Aeth i mewn i'r Tŷ'r Cyffredin ar 7 Mehefin 2001 — Etholiad cyffredinol

Gadawodd y Tŷ'r Cyffredin ar 12 Ebrill 2010 — Etholiad cyffredinol (safodd eto)

Cyfryngau Cymdeithasol


Themau o ddiddordeb

  • Home Department
  • Constitutional Affairs
  • Work and Pensions
  • Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
  • Solicitor-General
  • Burma
  • Rape Trials
  • Criminal Cases Review Commission
  • Rape
  • Domestic Violence

Swyddogaethau eraill yn y gorffennol

  • Solicitor General, Attorney General's Office ( 3 Rha 2008 to 11 Mai 2010)
  • Solicitor General, Law Officers (25 Tach 2008 to 3 Rha 2008)
  • Solicitor General, Law Officers' Department (28 Meh 2007 to 25 Tach 2008)
  • Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Ministry of Justice ( 9 Mai 2007 to 28 Meh 2007)
  • Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Department for Constitutional Affairs ( 8 Mai 2006 to 9 Mai 2007)
  • Member, Armed Forces Bill Committee (20 Rha 2005 to 27 Tach 2008)
  • PPS (Rt Hon Charles Clarke, Secretary of State), Home Office (10 Tach 2005 to 8 Mai 2006)
  • Member, Draft Children (Contact) and Adoption Bill (Joint Committee) (10 Chw 2005 to 11 Ebr 2005)
  • Member, Draft Corruption Bill (Joint Committee) (28 Mai 2004 to 11 Meh 2004)
  • Member, Work and Pensions Committee (28 Mai 2004 to 11 Ebr 2005)

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Public bill committees (Sittings attended)

Ymddangosiadau diweddar

  • Business of the House: Clause 9 — Race 6 Apr 2010

    With the leave of the House, Mr. Speaker, I shall reply to the debate. As ever, the hon. Member for Oxford, West and Abingdon (Dr. Harris) has over-argued his case. I hope that he sometimes has pause for thought about how conjuring up surreal incidents of harassment-putting forward examples that have never existed and suggesting that people behave as outrageously as he wants to suggest-can...
  • Business of the House: Clause 9 — Race 6 Apr 2010

    Will the hon. Gentleman give way?
  • Business of the House: Clause 9 — Race 6 Apr 2010

    I thank the hon. Gentleman for giving me the opportunity to intervene. He is utterly wrong, but he knows that, because he said this about six times in Committee, and I have told him six times that he is wrong. The case law is incredibly clear. For the sixth time, let me say that it is called Driskel v. Peninsula Business Services, and the Employment Appeal Tribunal made it clear that where...

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