Amendments 112 to 114

Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill - Report (2nd Day) – in the House of Lords am 6:45 pm ar 13 Mawrth 2024.

Danfonwch hysbysiad imi am ddadleuon fel hyn

Lord Offord of Garvel:

Moved by Lord Offord of Garvel

112: Clause 229, page 153, line 12, leave out paragraph (b) and insert—“(b) the total price of the product (so far as paragraph (ba) does not apply);(ba) if, owing to the nature of the product, the whole or any part of the total price cannot reasonably be calculated in advance, how the price (or that part of it) will be calculated;”Member’s explanatory statementThis amendment, along with my amendment to insert new subsections (3A) and (3B) into clause 229, requires a trader to set out in an invitation to purchase the total price of a product including any mandatory fees, taxes and charges that apply to the purchase of a product rather than “drip-feeding” such amounts during the transaction process.

113: Clause 229, page 153, line 24, leave out “additional to the price of the product” and insert “not included in the total price of the product but which the consumer may choose to incur”Member’s explanatory statementThis amendment is consequential on my other amendments to clause 229.

114: Clause 229, page 153, line 40, at end insert—“(3A) For the purposes of subsection (2)(b) the total price of a product includes any fees, taxes, charges or other payments that the consumer will necessarily incur if the consumer purchases the product.(3B) For the purposes of subsection (2)(ba) (and subject to the matters mentioned in subsection (6)) the information given must—(a) be such that it enables the consumer to calculate the total price, and (b) be set out with as much prominence as any information that is set out in compliance with subsection (2)(b).”Member’s explanatory statementSee the explanatory statement for my amendment to clause 229(2) (on page 153, at line 12).

Amendments 112 to 114 agreed.

Amendment 115 not moved.

Clause 232: Rights of redress: further provision