House of Lords debates

Mawrth, 7 Tachwedd 2023

  • King’s Speech

    The King, seated on the Throne and attended by His Officers of State, commanded that the Lady Usher of the Black Rod should let the Commons know that it was His Majesty’s pleasure that they...

  • Select Vestries Bill - First Reading

    The Bill was read a first time pro forma.

  • King’s Speech - Debate (1st Day)

    1 araith

    My Lords, I have to acquaint the House that His Majesty was pleased this morning to make a most gracious Speech from the Throne to both Houses of Parliament assembled in the House of Lords....

    • Motion for an Humble Address

      5 areithiau

      Lord McInnes of Kilwinning: Moved by Lord McInnes of Kilwinning That an humble Address be presented to His Majesty as follows: “Most Gracious Sovereign—We, Your Majesty’s most...

    • Motion to Adjourn

      4 areithiau

      Baroness Smith of Basildon: Moved by Baroness Smith of Basildon That this debate be adjourned until tomorrow.

  • Senior Deputy Speaker

    1 araith

    That Lord Gardiner of Kimble be appointed as Senior Deputy Speaker (Chairman of Committees) for this Session. Motion agreed nemine dissentiente.

  • Stoppages in the Streets

    It was ordered that the Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis do take care that the passages through the streets leading to this House be kept free and open and that no obstruction be...

  • Members of the House

    It was ordered that a list of Members of the House, prepared by the Clerk of the Parliaments, be published.

  • Hereditary Peers: By-elections

    The Clerk of the Parliaments laid before the House, in accordance with Standing Order 9(4), a register of hereditary peers (other than peers of Ireland) who wish to stand in any by-election for...

Beth yw hwn?

Debates in the House of Lords are an opportunity for Peers from all parties (and crossbench peers, and Bishops) to scrutinise government legislation and raise important local, national or topical issues.

And sometimes to shout at each other.

Tachwedd 2023
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