Schedule 2 - Purpose limitation: processing to be treated as compatible with original purpose

Data Protection and Digital Information Bill – in the House of Commons am 6:00 pm ar 29 Tachwedd 2023.

Danfonwch hysbysiad imi am ddadleuon fel hyn

Amendments made: 208, page 145, line 20, at end insert—

“Disclosure for the purposes of archiving in the public interest

1A. This condition is met where—

(a) the processing—

(i) is necessary for the purposes of making a disclosure of personal data to another person (“R”) in response to a request from R, and

(ii) is carried out in accordance with Article 84B,

(b) the controller in relation to the processing collected the personal data based on Article 6(1)(a) (data subject’s consent),

(c) the request from R states that R intends to process the personal data only for the purposes of archiving in the public interest, and

(d) the controller reasonably believes that R will carry out that processing in accordance with generally recognised standards relevant to R’s archiving in the public interest.”

This amendment enables certain further processing of personal data, for the purposes of archiving in the public interest, where the original processing was based on consent of the data subject.

Amendment 209, page 146, line 29, leave out “carried out” and insert “necessary”.—(Sir John Whittingdale.)

This amendment amends a condition which, if met, results in processing of personal data for a new purpose being treated as compatible with the original purpose for which it was collected. It provides that, in order for processing to meet the condition, it must be necessary for the purpose described (assessment or collection of tax).