Foreign and Commonwealth Office

– in the House of Commons am ar 5 Tachwedd 2019.

Danfonwch hysbysiad imi am ddadleuon fel hyn

The Secretary of State was asked—

  • Syria (18 areithiau)

    What assessment he has made of the effect of the US Administration's decision to withdraw support for Kurdish forces on regional stability.

  • UK Soft Power (15 areithiau)

    What diplomatic steps he is taking to enhance UK soft power overseas.

  • Relations with NATO Allies (12 areithiau)

    What steps he is taking to strengthen relations with NATO allies.

  • Harry Dunn (6 areithiau)

    If he will co-operate with any independent inquiry into the death of Harry Dunn.

  • Human Rights (16 areithiau)

    What diplomatic steps his Department is taking to (a) promote and (b) support human rights internationally.

  • Consular Support: UK Nationals Overseas (16 areithiau)

    What steps he is taking to strengthen consular support for UK nationals overseas.

  • Topical Questions (32 areithiau)

    If he will make a statement on his departmental responsibilities.