Prime Minister's Announcement.

Oral Answers to Questions — Dissolution of Parliament. – in the House of Commons am ar 6 Hydref 1931.

Danfonwch hysbysiad imi am ddadleuon fel hyn


I shall he glad if the Prime Minister will kindly tell us how far he proposes to go with business to-day, and, if possible, what is the remaining business; also, can he now tell us the date of the Election?

Photo of Mr Ramsay Macdonald Mr Ramsay Macdonald , Seaham

The outstanding business is as follows: To-day, it is desired to obtain the remaining stages of the Foodstuffs (Prevention of Exploitation) Bill and of the Sunday Performances (Temporary Regulation) Bill; the Motion to carry over the London Passenger Transport Bill until the next Session of Parliament, and the Second Reading of the Appropriation Bill. The Government hope that it will be possible to obtain this business by a reasonable hour. Then to-morrow we shall meet at the usual time, 2.45 p.m., and I hope conclude the remaining business before the House, and, when the Measures which I have mentioned have been passed in another place, there will he a Royal Commission to give the Royal Assent to the Acts passed by both Houses, and the present Session will be terminated by Prorogation.

I should add that I had an audience with His Majesty this morning and asked for a Dissolution. His Majesty empowers me to announce that he has consented.


Surely the Prime Minister recognises that it will be for the convenience of all parties if, having announced the Royal authority for the Dissolution, he could give us the date of the Election or the Dissolution.

Photo of Mr Ramsay Macdonald Mr Ramsay Macdonald , Seaham

That depends on bow we get the business through, but I hope that the Dissolution will be to-morrow. I am sorry that I cannot carry in my mind the time-table, but, if it is to-morrow, the Election will be on the 27th October, I think—that is, this day three weeks.

Photo of Colonel Josiah Wedgwood Colonel Josiah Wedgwood , Newcastle-under-Lyme

Are we to understand that the House will be called to-morrow by Black Rod and that the House will be dissolved while sitting, or will the usual procedure be followed of the Proclamation of the Dissolution coming after the House has risen?

Photo of Mr Ramsay Macdonald Mr Ramsay Macdonald , Seaham

There will be exactly the usual procedure.

Photo of Sir Rhys Morris Sir Rhys Morris , Cardiganshire

In view of the controversial nature of the Sunday Performance (Temporary Regulation) Bill, will the Prime Minister carry out his undertaking and drop the Bill?

Photo of Mr Ramsay Macdonald Mr Ramsay Macdonald , Seaham

I am not aware of any undertaking. This is merely the preliminary. This Bill will last for only 12 months in order to give everybody the opportunity of reconsidering the Bill that was introduced previously and which was full of controversial matter. I do hope that the House will allow this Bill to go through, because there are, I am told, at least 60 prosecutions pending. All these will have to be heard, the courts will be blocked by them, and so on, and fines will be imposed; they may be remitted, I hope, but the expenses cannot be remitted. I do hope, therefore, that the House will allow the Measure to go through.