House of Commons debates

Iau, 26 Mawrth 2015

  • [Mr Speaker in the Chair]

    1 araith

    On the front page of today’s Order Paper it is noted that on 13 April 1915 Lieutenant William Lieutenant William Gladstone, Member for Kilmarnock Burghs, Royal Welch Fusiliers, was killed...

  • Oral Answers to Questions — Business, Innovation and Skills

    The Secretary of State was asked—

  • Point of Order

    2 areithiau

    On a point of order, Mr Speaker. On a rather happier note, I hope it is in order to report to the House that earlier this morning the Queen appointed the Venerable Rachel Treweek, the Archdeacon...

  • Business of the House (24, 25 and 26 March) (No. 2)

    Motion made, and Question proposed forthwith (Order, 24 March), That the Order of 24 March 2015 (Business of the House (24, 25 and 26 March)) be varied as follows: In paragraph (9) ( Thursday...

    • Procedure of the House

      89 areithiau

      I beg to move That this House takes note of paragraphs 21 to 28 of the Seventh Report of the Procedure Committee, Matters for the Procedure Committee in the 2015 Parliament, HC 1121, concerning...

  • Pay for Petitions Committee Chair

    Ordered, That the Resolution of the House of 19 March 2013, relating to Positions for which additional salaries are payable for the purposes of Section 4A(2) of the Parliamentary Standards Act...

  • Elections for Positions in the House

    Motion made, and Question put, That this House notes the recommendation of the Procedure Committee in its Fifth Report of Session 2010-12, 2010 Elections for positions in the House, that the...

    • Deputy Speakers

      11 areithiau

      Ordered, That, at the start of the 2015 Parliament, the Speaker may nominate no more than three Members as Deputy Speakers to serve until the House has elected Deputy Speakers in accordance with...

    • Backbench Business — Valedictory Debate

      75 areithiau

      Before I call the right hon. Member for North West Hampshire (Sir George Young), may I just explain to the House that a very large number of colleagues wish to speak and I have decided that the...

  • Message to Attend the Lords Commissioners

    Message to attend the Lords Commissioners delivered by the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod. The Speaker, with the House, went up to hear Her Majesty’s Commission; on their return, the...

  • Royal Assent

    1 araith

    I have to acquaint the House that the House has been to the House of Peers where a Commission under the Great Seal was read, authorising the Royal Assent to the following Acts: Supply and...

  • Prorogation

    1 araith

    The Commission was also for proroguing this present Parliament, and the Leader of the House of Lords said: “My Lords and Members of the House of Commons: By virtue of Her Majesty’s...

Beth yw hwn?

Debates in the House of Commons are an opportunity for MPs from all parties to scrutinise government legislation and raise important local, national or topical issues.

And sometimes to shout at each other.

Mawrth 2015
Llun Maw Mer Iau Gwe Sad Sul